Total Quality Management System
PT. Asai Metal firmly believes in the practice of Total Quality Management (TQM) system. Total Quality Management system is based on an understanding that long term success is achievable by striking a balance of interests of customers, shareholder, suppliers, employees and community. Therefore, it is vital that the commitment to quality must be present at every level of the company organization. In other word, quality is everybody’s responsibility. Today, the rapidly changing technology in manufacturing industries has created fierce competition in the market place. To maintain in leading position, organization has turned to automation in order to safe cost and time. The key word here is speed. Cutting edge automation and labour saving technologies are spreading to every industry dubbed the ‘new industrial renaissance’. Since its formation has always maintained efforts to push industrial automation forward. In order to maintain an effective flexible manufacturing system that must be user friendly, we have successfully apply program logic control system on to our NC Level Feeder and NC Level Shearing Machinery. Our continuous research and breakthrough has lead us to turning very sophisticated electronic computer system to simplicity and reliability.
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